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Lynsey Grosfield

Naturalist, Photographer, & Writer

I run a popular gardening, ecology, and agriculture blog, regularly write for horticultural and agricultural publications, and do copywriting on "green" topics.

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The Mix-and-Stitch Orchard

I’ve begun to affectionately refer to my grafting projects as my Frankentrees—not just because they are occasionally hideous, but because they’ve become quite a bit more complex than the standard “rootstock + scion” fare.

My penchant for amateur tree surgery began in 2013, as I started getting serious about the idea of cultivating a back-yard food forest. I found myself totally unable to reconcile the diversity of cultivars I wanted to try with the square footage of the lot in which I was working.

Where space is at a premium and desire for agricultural diversity is high, multi-grafted Frankentrees are the home orchardist’s salvation.