Lynsey Grosfield

Lynsey Grosfield

Naturalist, Photographer, & Writer

I run a popular gardening, ecology, and agriculture blog, regularly write for horticultural and agricultural publications, and do copywriting on "green" topics.

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Permeable Pavements 101

Landscaping has historically been about marrying form and function, the beautiful and the practical. In recent decades, however, a third dimension has been added to the fray: concern for the environment at large. Permeable pavements are an example of all three: beautiful, practical, and ecologically-friendly

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Bat Houses in the Landscape

When most people hear the word “pollinator,” and “pest controller,” the first thing to come to mind isn’t a little nocturnal, furry, flying animal. Nonetheless, bats and an often-overlooked species in conservation that perform vital ecosystem functions.